Think of US as the ‘Opportunity Fund of Opportunity Funds’

We’re building a $100 million fund with a triple bottom line approach to investing: Return on Investment; Stimulating Economic Activity & Job Creation; and Positive Social Impact.

With investUS, by Doing Good

You Can Do Really, Really Well

investUS brings a multi-disciplinary institutional investment strategy to investing in Opportunity Zones.  Rather than focusing on just real estate in major markets, the investUS fund offers investors a unique investment opportunity to invest in a diversified portfolio of Opportunity Zone businesses and properties in underserved and less appreciated markets.

Don’t just balance risk and return,

Balance Risk and Reward

Our strategy is to provide customized, concierge-level service to investors by employing the services of specialized professionals who provide investment analysis, due diligence, and full documentary support on a deal-by deal-basis. All supported by an administration technology platform providing our investors ready access to their investment performance, financial statements and tax reports.


investUS Opportunity Fund


Designated Opportunity Zones


Minimum Investment

Tax-Free In, Tax-Free Out

The Opportunity Zones program offers three tax benefits for investing in low-income communities through a qualified Opportunity Fund:

  1. A temporary deferral of inclusion in taxable income for capital gains reinvested in an Opportunity Fund. The deferred gain must be recognized on the earlier of the date on which the opportunity zone investment is disposed of or December 31, 2026.
  2. A step-up in basis for capital gains reinvested in an Opportunity Fund. The basis is increased by 10% if the investment in the Opportunity Fund is held by the taxpayer for at least 5 years and by an additional 5% if held for at least 7 years, thereby excluding up to 15% of the original gain from taxation.*
  3. A permanent exclusion from taxable income of capital gains from the sale or exchange of an investment in an Opportunity Fund if the investment is held for at least 10 years. This exclusion only applies to gains accrued from an investment in an Opportunity Fund.

*Assumes investment by 12/31/2019

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Your investment helps create economic opportunities and an even brighter future, not just for local communities, but for all of America. Learn more with zero obligation, or fill out an application and get started right away.

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